Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Like Tao Lin.

No. Not in that gay way.

Though he's very handsome.

His one photo is very Brancusi "Sleeping Muse."

But I don't think anybody is smarter than he is in contemporary literature.

And he's stylish in that fuckall way.

I am so glad I won the Tao Lin Prize Package on EBAY.

I never opened the box.

But I'm weird like that.

He was very nice. He said he was going to put extras in there since it went sorta high.

I hope it wasn't food.

Because I like mystery and never opened the box.

I gave him great feedback on EBAY anyway.


Matt said...

I saw him a couple weeks ago at a coffee place, at the table next to me. I wondered what would have happened if the book I had been reading at that moment had been one of his.

I think I'm going to start eeeee eee eeee today.

William Keckler said...


I wonder if he know how much we all love him.

Nothing to do with the bullshit and his nascent fame and the rest but the way he deflated so many horrid things and began speaking the way poems needed to speak again.

I am very grateful for his existence.

Though I still only read his blog once every three weeks or so lol.

But he's posting much less anyway.

Tao Lin, you are awesome.

But so are you Matt.