Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tao Lin is in Germany. James Chapman Knows Everything.

I think Tao Lin is in Germany, if I'm remembering correctly what he said on his blog.

I don't go there a lot since he doesn't post a lot anymore.

I won a Tao Lin prize package on EBAY that I received but never opened. It's a box full of rare Tao Lin things, like his crown when he won some reading competition in NYC.

I looked at it and realized it would pay my mortgage off in a few years so I bid high and won it.

I think in 3-5 years it will pay off the remainder of my mortage, which is not a small sum.

Tao Lin is a phenomenom. Also, he is a great writer. I really enjoyed his novel and meant to say more about it on this blog. But it's harder for me write about novels than about poetry. And once some time passes, you know how the mind gets fuzzy. But pick it up. The EEEEE book. I forget how many E's you're supposed to type in the three sets to correctly identify the novel so I won't attempt it. It's on my third floor staircase with recently read novels and I'm too lazy to walk there now.
e prefers the term "k mart realism" to magical realism, but if you like magical realism you will probably like it. It's not magical realism. But it's like that. Mental breakdowns are warded off by colorful hallucinations. Isn't that the definition of literature anyway? "Mental breakdowns are warded off by colorful hallucinations." Apotropaic. All of Acker is apotropaic. James Chapman is apotropaic. I like apotropaic.

It was several years ago that I first began reading Tao Lin's writing. James Chapman sort of kept pointing to him, and James Chapman sort of knows everything (though he is as quiet as the snow) so I kept looking.

And pretty soon I realized James Chapman knows his stuff. James also "discovered" Noah Cicero, I think (published his first novel) who is also a "phenom."

Anyway, I am happy Tao Lin is in Germany wowing them and I am looking at my unopened box and thinking my house will be paid off in a few years.

So all is good in this best of all possible worlds.

And if that doesn't happen, I will hit the lottery even though I rarely play it.

Because I read yesterday some unemployed woman hit it. See, god exists and this universe is orderly. Just wait for proof.

Because I am just a happy guy like that. And I think UP!!

I rarely get depressed. And not for long.

You know who else doesn't get depressed? Idiots.

I felt like making a mean syllogism against myself there.

Lol. It felt good.

I am like a penguin or something. Antarctica is just my background. It's all about the penguinness. Not the ice or the cold.

What cold?

(cabbage patching for the second time today): Go Tao Lin! Go Tao Lin! Go Tao Lin!

You're never too old to cabbage-patch.

The nonagenarian Shaw was known to engage in Shavian cabbage-patching on a regular basis...

There, I took some assholiness out of this post.

Ass holiness.

Orlovsky? Ginsberg?

It's been done.


Matt said...

He posted today from Germany using a German keyboard. It's funny.

William Keckler said...

Haha! I'll have to read it later Matt. i'm too softbrained now. i figured they just used QWERTY like us. can you imagine the answers he's giving interviewers lol. I hope he gives inflammatory or freak out answers to all the dumb interview questions.

i'm staring at my investment.

maybe he should try to assassinate a public figure.

hmmm. doubt he'll go for that.

chapman said...

this post is very pretty

William Keckler said...


I'm all about the prettiness.

I rub it on my gums.