Tuesday, March 9, 2010

20 Random Hotties from the Editions P.O.L. Catalogue

Sure they can all write.

But who are the hotties in the P.O.L. catalogue?

This is totally random but I thought I'd list twenty who are clearly the Beautiful People. For now. Until they get old. Or sick. Or their plane crashes, etc. etc.

Or until you meet them and find out they are grincheux or grincheuse, and that face might as well be a Halloween mask for all that's going on inside.

I'm joking.

There is no inside.

It's so unfair, because of course I'm picking out the young ones and Everything is Beautiful in Its Own Way, right?

My mom's 86 and I think she's beautiful. Of course I do. I'm a gay man.

But looking at it from a "who's going to sell on the magazine cover," evil perspective...

You can check them out at the website.

Go under "Auteurs" and there are pics of almost everybody.


1. J.-R.G. Le Camus / Antoine du Parc (see pic above)* I get weak in the kneepads.

2. Bailly Pierric (and he hails from the Jura, which is where my favorite French cheese comes from.)

3. Thomas Braichet. Why the long face? Oh, who cares...it looks great on you.

4. Olivier Cadiot. Looks like the sort of guy who would be fun to have beat you up while kissing you. That sexy mean look. I'm joking. Rape is always bad. I saw the LIFETIME movie too.

5. Hugues de Chanay. The intelligence, one senses, would be an obstacle.

6. Michael Delisle. Funny, he looks more like an American date-rapist than a French author. But. It. Works. For. Me.

7. Aiat Fayez. Mysterious. Preppy cute.

8. Fred Leal. Because he looks like every other gay man looked in 1977.

9. Antonin Potoski. Take your shades off, Antonin. You're already French.

10. Atiq Rahimi. From Afghanistan. The hegemonic threat you represent to him might spice things up in bed.

Tarkos is the hottest guy in there, but he's dead. Sigh.

If you go to Eric Meunie's photo you will get a real treat. Watch what happens after a second or two. Then again. Very cute animation lol!


1. Danielle Collobert. She's dead. But she's still gorgeous.

2. Marguerite Duras. Even when she looked like a shrunken apple she was gorgeous with her awful wisdom. And did you ever see her picture from the period she's describing in The Lover? My God.

3. Catherine de Richaud. That intelligence in the eyes is sexy. Think Charlotte Rampling, even though she doesn't resemble her superficially. That quality.

4. Suzanne Doppelt. That waif thing.

5. Judith Elbaz. The photo is priceless.

6. Rochelle Fack. She looks like a friggin supermodel. And she's a serious author published by P.O.L. Yeah, life is fair. Right.

7. Liliane Giraudon. Gotta love anyone who founds a serious magazine named Banana Split. Plus she looks damn good. Thanks, Sun & Moon, for publishing her.

8. Camille Laurens. How old is that photo? Okay, it's a woman. Back off. Anyway, splendide.

9. Edith Msika. Marvelous. Reminds me a tad of Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. Lovely bio. See below. **

10. Anne Portugal. Makes age look sexy.

Oh, Nathalie Quintane looks like a pop music star. Too cute. And I've been saying "Madame Quintane." I should wash my mouth out with soap.

And Leslie Kaplan is very cute and elfin looking.

Ryoko Sekiguchi also has a face it would be a shame not to commit to film.

Julie Wolkenstein's photo is rather epic too.

Isn't superficiality wonderful?


It's not.

Okay, it is.

*Had to include these bios...a double slug of poison...Antoine started life as an objet trouve in the public garden of one of the larger towns in the provinces. His love of Virgil, Mallarme and Little Nemo...and I'm happy that J.-R.G. Le Camus (and don't forget that camus actually means something in French besides Albert...but no, he doesn't have that sort of nose at all...thank God...) was an architect and prostitute both...cum grano salis or cum grano cum...these bios...

Dès l’enfance, J.-R.G. Le Camus s’est vu en homme de lettres et rien d’autre. Les aléas de l’existence, cependant, l’ont contraint à être “nez" dans une entreprise de Grasse, marin, détective, conseiller financier, architecte, prostitué, agent de change, garde du corps, répétiteur de sanscrit et quelque temps secrétaire-archiviste auprès de son presque homonyme, l’écrivain controversé Renaud Camus. Avec L’Amour il signe son premier roman, bien qu’il ait tenu un rôle important, déjà, dans les précédents volumes des Églogues.

Antoine du Parc est entré dans la vie comme objet trouvé dans le jardin public d’une grande ville de province. La volonté de s’en sortir, l’amour de Virgile, de Mallarmé et de Little Nemo, l’intérêt et la confiance que très tôt lui ont témoigné les écrivains Renaud Duvert et Denise Camus lui ont permis de surmonter le traumatisme initial et de s’introduire dans cette histoire, Les Églogues, puis d’y assumer, avec le temps et L’Automne, un rôle d’auteur à part entière. Militant des droits de l’homme, animateur culturel en cité sensible, Tony du Parc est aussi, sous divers pseudonymes, journaliste à Télérama, producteur à France Culture et ghost-writer pour Mme Royal sur les questions d’intégration.

**Édith Msika, née en 1957.
Ecrit très peu, voire pas du tout.
N’aime pas écrire. Repousse le moment d’écrire.
Écrit à reculons.
Écrit dans ses rêves. Rêve qu’elle écrit.
Laisse passer les années sans écrire.
Potentiellement écrivante.
Attend que quelque chose se passe pour écrire.
Mais rien ne se passe.
Écrit que rien ne se passe.
Préfère faire du vélo plutôt qu’écrire.
Se demande comment écrire en faisant du vélo.
Écrira quand elle sera morte.
Après. On verra. Ne meurt pas.



Guillaume Cingal said...

I guess you already know but J.R.G. Le Camus and Antoine du Parc don't exist -- the picture at the top of your article was picked up (almost) at random on the Web. Read the Eglogues though : the latest volume has been released this week (Travers Coda Index & Divers).

And I agree about Judith Elbaz. Her books are crappy though.

William Keckler said...

Hi Guillaume.

I should have known it was too good to be true!

Thanks for visiting.


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