Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do You Think This Video Currently Has 139,000 Hits Because It's Good, or Because People Enjoy the "Douchecraft?"

I tend to think the latter.

I know that's why I love it.

Who is your favorite, "M.J. Douche" or "Background Douche?"

I prefer Background Douche.

I think it's sort of hot that he's so insecure he's wearing a mask. That makes him endearing to him. Plus he's a much lazier dancier. I love the sidelong and backward glances you can see where M.J. Douche is checking him to see if he's keeping up (or else making sure he's lagging behind to make him--M.J. Douche--look all the more "fabu"...cough cough).

I have another fucking tooth bothering me.

The dentist will see me on Thursday.

I'm thinking of just having him pull all my teeth, like the urban legend gay guy (ULGG).

You know...level the playing field and all that...

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Anonymous said...

it's 80s deal.. if you were in high school in the 80s then you get it...